Estate Planning

Having a well crafted estate plan can help reduce the stress for your loved ones after you pass away. Our firm takes a holistic approach to estate planning, ensuring that your plan not only meets your financial goals, but your personal and spiritual ones as well.


Contracts help make sure that everyone who is part of a transaction understands its terms. Joe uses his experience drafting contracts and teaching contract law to make sure that your contracts are written clearly and that you understand everything before you sign.

Dispute Counseling

When we get in a dispute with a friend or neighbor, it can be helpful to have a trained person to act as a sounding board to help strategize next steps. Joe believes that people solve their disputes better than courts do, and he'll help you figure out a game plan to solve your dispute so you can move on with your life.


Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution where a neutral mediator helps the parties involved come to a solution that works for everybody. Joe started mediating disputes as a middle schooler and hasn't stopped since. He can act as a neutral mediator, or can represent you at a mediation so you can make sure your needs are met.

Higher Education

As an award-winning professor and college administrator, Joe can help provide an outside perspective on any issue facing your organization. He is an expert in academic integrity codes, campus judicial codes, university governance, co-curricular program creation, and restorative justice initiatives. Through his unique, holistic lens, Joe can help your organization create pedagogically sound plans that meet the needs of your program.

Non-Profit Consulting

With over a decade of experience serving on non-profit boards and a background in non-profit management, Joe can help you form a non-profit, evaluate the governance structure of your existing non-profit, and help make your board meetings more productive.

Cooperative Business Models

Cooperatives, or “co-ops” are a model of forming a business that focuses on creating an inclusive governance structure where no one voice can dominate the organization and that emphasizes creating sustainable economic development for our communities. With over 20 years of experience with co-ops, including on the board of and one year as the President of the Potsdam Food Co-op, Joe can help you form a co-op or bring your co-op into the 21st century.

Municipal Law

With a background representing several Vermont municipalities, an appointment as the Chair of the Orwell Planning Commission and Development Review Board, an elected role as the Chair of the Bethel Town Auditors’ Committee, and service in a senate-confirmable position in New York state government, Joe can help your municipality serve its citizens to help create stronger, more sustainable communities.

Robert’s Rules of Order

Confused by Robert’s Rules of Order and why your organization requires it? Joe is an expert on Robert's Rules of Order and can help demystify Robert’s Rules of Order so your board can use it effectively.

Legal Education

Curious why the law works the way it does? Is your organization looking for someone to train a group on a legal topic, or to help get better at running meetings? Let award-winning professor Joe Andriano lead your next training. With eight years of experience teaching law and ethics to undergraduate and graduate students and multiple teaching awards emphasizing his ability to distill even the most complex topics into easily understood frameworks, Joe will make sure your group understands the topic at hand and completes their training successfully.

Ethical Consulting

Even if a course of action is legal, that doesn’t make it right. Joe Andriano spent six years teaching business ethics at one of the top colleges for business in America at both the undergraduate and MBA levels. With insight informed by classical philosophy and cutting edge case studies, Joe will help you evaluate your ethical dilemma so you can arrive at a solution that will be both legal and right.

Policy Reviews

Is your organization developing internal policies, or in the process of reviewing existing policies? Let Joe help. He has written internal policies for multiple organizations. His innovative approach gets to the heart of what your organization wants and needs from a policy, and he then turns those goals into clear procedures that anyone can understand.